Commercial and Industrial Matting

Matting offers improved appearance and safety while minimizing the amount of dirt tracked into your building. Matting can be divided into Entrance Matting and Specialty Matting.

Entrance Matting

Good for moderate to heavy traffic providing improved safety and look to your entrance. Also effective in stopping dirt at the entrance minimizing building maintenance. Commercial Entrance Matting is also adequate for freight elevators, factory entrances as well as commercial and industrial entrances.

Specialty Matting

Specialty matting offers proven anti-fatigue properties and safety for while working on it. A grease-proof rubber layer makes it perfect for restaurants and bars. Additional applications of specialty matting include athletic centres, skating rinks, grocery stores, cashier bays and industrial workstations.

Commercial Matting Benefits & Facts:

  • Minimize dirt from tracking into the rest of a building.
  • Rubber matting ideal for indoor and outdoor application, specifically for entranceways and lobbies.
  • Can be used seasonally to improve safety.
  • Application not limited to entrances.
  • Customizable sizes and colours.
  • Anti-Fatigue Matting: reduce worker fatigue associated from standing on hard surfaces while performing various job functions.
  • Drainage Matting: Allows fluid and small debris to pass through while keeping the matting surface dry and clean.
  • Athletic Flooring: For fitness centres, school gyms, skating rinks.
  • Specialty matting: to protect workers against electric shock when working around high voltage apparatus.
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