Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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What is engineered hardwood?

Engineered Hardwood is an environmentally responsible alternative to hardwood. Without sacrificing the beauty of a wood look, Engineered hardwood can be installed in areas where hardwood cannot. Hardwood that is engineered is made from layers of different woods glued together under heat and pressure. Engineered hardwood is less susceptible to humidity changes in your home and can be installed above or below grade.
Anka Flooring's line of engineered hardwood flooring gives you the flexibility to install anywhere in your home or condo.

Engineered Wood vs Hardwood:

  • Engineered hardwood installation can be done anywhere in your home including below grade areas, such as a basement, and directly on concrete subfloors.
  • Less susceptible to humidity.
  • Structurally stable.
  • Comes pre-finished and will be ready to walk on immediately after installation.
  • Available in different styles such as: hand scraped, chiseled edge, smooth finish and brushed.