Carpet Repair

Often a repair or a restretch of the existing carpet can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. Carpets that form waves and buckles can be stretched away eliminating the dangers of tripping and snagging.

Are seams beginning to tear away? We can re-seam the areas that are coming apart in our seam repair service.

Is your carpet stairs getting loose? Anka can help re-secure the carpet to your stairs.Need a carpet burn repair? No problem, let one of our professionals repair the burnt carpet spot casued by cigarette burns and iron burns without having to replace the whole broadloom.

Is there a tough stain that just won't come out? Anka's carpet repair service can replace spots caused by spills or unknown stains.

Carpet Stretching

Re-stretching can remove wrinkles and folds in the carpet that could potentially cause dangerous accidents in your home or business. Wrinkles and waves in carpeting forms due to improper installation. Anka Flooring's team of professional installers can re-stretch your carpet and remove unsightly wrinkles and waves in your wall to wall carpeting.

Repair and Carpet stretch Benefits & Facts:

  • Remove the need to replace the whole carpet.
  • Also offer under pad replacement
  • Save money.
  • Eliminate dangerous wrinkles that can cause falls.
  • Quick and easy service.

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